3 Steps to Writing a GREAT Travel Nurse Resume

3 Steps to Writing a GREAT Travel Nurse Resume


travel nurse resumeThe Following is a Guest Article via Shari Sambrusky explaining the top 3 Steps to writing a great travel nurse resume.

Shari is a career coach and owner of Career Esteem. Career-Esteem works with woman in healthcare longing to find a job they love. Through this work, they gain unshakable self-confidence so any job they want is theirs. 

While most travel agencies don’t ask for a resume up front, it’s always a good idea to have one ready to go should you be called for an assignment. Plus, we all know that filling out an application with a new agency takes time, so if you have a great looking resume ready to go, it’s easy enough to copy and paste that information into the application saving you some valuable time!

3 Steps to Writing a GREAT Travel Nurse Resume

#1 Your Header
Your Header is at the top of your resume and contains your name and contact information. It’s also the first thing a hiring manager or recruiter will look at. In order to make your header pop, next to your name you’ll want to add the initials of relevant licenses and/or degrees. Such as: RN, BSN, MSN, ANP – and so forth. This can be especially if you have any special certifications that may be a sought out skill set.

#2 Use Eye-Catching Keywords.
Recruiters are busy these days and often, great resume’s get missed. Recruiters often scan resumes for keywords, so, by including these in your resume, you increase your chances of catching the eye of a hiring manager and being called for an interview.

One thing that will be important to a recruiter is to know which states you are licensed in. This is a big factor to matching you up with a job. So you want to be sure to state that clearly on your resume.

Whatever your specialty area is, be certain to have that listed in your resume clearly, and any relevant terms that go along in your specialty (IE: Transplant, Cardiac, Dialysis, Etc.). Don’t assume a recruiter will know what you do if your skills are not clearly listed.

#3 Keep It Concise/ Length
With the quick pace that travel nurse positions get filled, it’s important that your resume easy to read, along with containing the above-mentioned keywords. This means you clearly state what you did in a role. For example: “Provided clinical care on a 13 bed cardiac transplant unit”. This helps a recruiter read through your resume quickly and efficiently. Be certain that if you use a certain system that may be desirable to a hospital, such as Meditech, that it is clearly highlighted on your resume.

Another important area to consider about a travel nurse resume is length. With the abundance of various assignments you take on, a resume can become quite lengthy. My suggestion for the most effective way to handle this would be to list the name of the agency you worked for, and then underneath that you can list the type of assignments you were involved in. This should help make you resume more succinct. Below is an example:

XYZ Travel Agency
Registered Nurse, Medical Surgical/Telemetry/Emergency Department (here you will list the various units)

  • 13 week contracts with various hospitals.  Night shifts/day shifts/weekend rotations (this shows flexibility)
  • Provided clinical care…  (you can list your responsibilities here)

Following these tips will help get your resume noticed and open doors to interviews. What change can you implement to improve your resume today?

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