How to Turn a Travel Nurse Staffing Agency into a Family

How to Turn a Travel Nurse Staffing Agency into a Family


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Written by: Kyle Rackley

Even though Kyle Rackley has never worked as a nurse, he lives with a nurse. He has bachelor’s Atlas Logo For Monster (Whole Logo)degree in creative writing from the University of Nebraska at Omaha and lives with his wife Jennifer and their two children in Plattsmouth, NE.


How to Turn a Staffing Agency into a Family

Sure, many travel nurse staffing agencies say that they make their nurses feel like a member of the family, but how does one do that? Follow these guidelines, and you’re well on your way toward making a nurse feel welcome at the dinner table.

1) Single point of contact

Let the nurse choose their recruiter. They shouldn’t have to talk to a different person each time they call. In time, a recruiter can get to know their clients intimately. They’ll know you’ll need pet-friendly housing because you just adopted the cutest Bichon Frise, or that you want a job close to home as soon as one is available (they have to know where home is first, of course), or that you prefer to work in Geriatrics so you can share someone’s final moments, letting them pass with dignity and with as little pain as possible.

2) Be available 24/7

How valuable is a friend who won’t let you call at odd hours, even though they know you work nights? Not very. Staffing agencies need to understand that many of their clients don’t work standard shifts and should welcome the random 11PM or 3AM phone call, especially if one of their clients works or lives overseas.

3) Take care of all the details

Like a loving family, who’s there for you every step of the way, staffing agencies need to take care of as many of their clients’ details as that they can – the really good ones take care of all the details. At the bare minimum, agencies need to make sure that their nurses know which licenses, certifications, and skills their clients need and prepare their nurses accordingly. But, an agency becomes more like a family with each potential headache they eliminate: ample health insurance (medical, dental, vision), housing (the better ones give you options), travel reimbursement, and even some rare incentives beyond these. It’s not always about the dollar signs. Sometimes, it’s about how well a company takes care of its people.

4) Build a community through active communication

Listening is more important than speaking, and active communication involves both. Any staffing agency that wants to build a community, not just a company, needs to listen and adapt to their clients’ needs whenever and however they can. If a client’s need or desire is unable to be met, the agency needs to be honest with their client and tell them why it isn’t attainable and try to give them the best alternative. Don’t trust anyone who’s unwilling to disclose the truth – and that’s for life in general, not just when picking a staffing agency.

How to join a Staffing Family instead of a Staffing Company?

Research agencies and look to see if the agency uses all some or none of the above steps. The ones that don’t follow any of these steps are going the way of the dinosaur, but if you’re lucky, you’ll find one like Atlas MedStaff, a joint commission certified, veteran owned staffing agency with a team that has decades of experience. See how Atlas treats their family with these great incentives and go hunting for your next travel nursing adventure.

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