Travel Nurse Interview: Katy, RN

Travel Nurse Interview: Katy, RN


The Gypsy Nurse could not be successful without the support and contributions of it’s readers. Today’s Travel Nurse Interview is from reader and Travel Nurse Katy, RN.

Name: Katy, RN
Specialty: NICU
Level of Education: ASN
Do you suffer from Hypertravelosis? YES

What are your Symptoms of Hypertravelosis? , Frequent dreams of far-away places, Starting sentences with “I would love to go to…” or “I wish I could…”, Frequent job changes., Desire to check off the 1000 places to see before you die.

How long have you been traveling? Proficient Traveler 2-5 Years

How many locations have you traveled? 5-10
Please list them.
Austin, TX, Denver, CO, Fayetteville, AR, Houston, TX, Bakersfield, CA, San Diego, CA

What was your favorite location? Favorite Hospital? Why?Location: Denver, CO. had fun doing lots of things from white water rafting to exploring the national park and driving through the quaint little towns

Hospital: Kingwood Medical Center in Kingwood, TX. The nurses and doctors accepted me as one of the team and made me feel like I was part of their team. Loved working in this small NICU that is growing and expanding

What is the longest you’ve been in one location? The shortest?:
Longest: Kingwood Medical Center in Kingwood TX for 7 months
Shortest: Austin, TX, Denver, CO and Texas Womens all 3 months

Share why you started Travel Nursing:
I started traveling to have a working vacation while making good money. My inspiration was my good friend Debra from Tennessee.

I love being a travel nurse and connecting with other nurses and families of my patients. I have made awesome connections and friends.

Have you changed specialties while traveling? Please explain.
No, I started in the NICU and that is where my heart is.

If you could give one piece of advice to a new travel nurse, what would it be? (feel free to list more than one).
Don’t be afraid to step outside you comfort zone. Do your own housing and enjoy your time at each location

Tell me about an experience that stands out from you Travel Nurse career. It could be clinical, funny, while on the road, etc.
Last year we bought a new RV. Heading to California looked in the side view mirror and the side compartment door was open and the sliding tray was hanging out. It was dark so we were lucky to see it and lucky that it did hit someone else or a sing.

What do you feel was the biggest mistake that you made related to travel nursing? What advice would you give a new traveler to prevent making the same mistake?
I was lucky and did not have any big mistakes, but I would say if you are planning to go into travel nursing, go to the conference, I learnt so much.


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