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We have the BEST Talent in Medicine
TaleMed believes that a successful healthcare organization must be run like any efficient, top-performing business. To do this you must have the BEST TALENT to go with your effective processes. The right employees and the utilization of sound business policies will create SUCCESS.

TaleMed is built with experienced healthcare professionals who know and understand the operations of the hospitals and the needs surrounding them. That is why TaleMed finds the BEST TALENT and delivers that individual to meet your medical needs and we guarantee it.

Our Service Managers have “walked in your shoes” — whether it’s as a nurse, doctor or hospital support staff we understand and respect both sides of the equation. TaleMed has the professional expertise to bring people together quickly and effectively. We bring results to your needs. TaleMed, The Talent in Medicine

TaleMed Top Recruiters

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Liz Maffey
Staffing Specialist
Ph. 513-965-6006, Ext:106

My Experience:
I can honestly say I enjoy my work!I have been a staffing coordinator for TaleMed for 2 years I love working for a company that not only cares for us but our health care providers as well! Here at TaleMed we know each and every traveler by their name, not a number. We genuinely get to know our travelers and work very hard to make sure that they are taken care of. I find it very rewarding to not only build relationships with my health care professionals but to get the opportunity to provide them with the best pay package and facility possible. I truly back my travelers and make sure that they are cared for like I would want to be cared for, from the moment I start working with them.

My Hobbies:
I enjoy spending time with my children and husband. I also enjoy being active and having fun!


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  1. I have traveled with TaleMed for three assignments now and have had a great experience.
    They got me the location I wanted and the pay I needed. I am a very organized person, I feel this helped with the initial sign one with TaleMed. When a Recruiter of QA asked of a document I could get it for them. If they asked me for some thing I did not have they helped me get it set up so it would not effect my start date.
    Can’t wait to find a new location for my next assignment.