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Active in the Travel Nursing industry for the past 14 years. Involved with the initial conception of the annual Travelers Conference ( I am dedicated to providing a place for nurses interested in travel nursing to come to find all the answers and information needed to begin a successful career as a Travel Nurse. In addition, I am very active in bringing interested nurses together in real life through social media, and organizing and promoting events, meetings, conferences and many other activities for Travel Nurses and Travel Medical Professionals. Dedicated to providing the next generation of nurses a base of information on the career choice of Travel Nursing by providing Career Services speaking engagements to Nursing Colleges and Student Nursing Associations.


  1. […] Would you like to share with The Gypsy Nurse readers your experiences with relationships on the road?  Do you have a good or bad experience that left you reflecting on yourself or life?  How have the relationships you’ve experienced impacted your life, attitude or outlook? If you would like to share your Travel Nursing experiences, please submit HERE. […]

  2. Hello,
    My name is Lisa M.Rose and I love what I do I’ve been doing CNA work for34 years and I love it from nursing homes, hospital, handicap, Veterans, to home health I’ve did it all. I always wanted to get into traveling CNA work because I know there is a great demand for us. I’ve started my own healthcare services it is lots of competition out there but right now I just want to travel and help out.