Shift Change in a Flash

Shift Change in a Flash


The following is a Guest Post via Dawn Condee

In early 2011, I have taken an assignment in Las Vegas, at one of the “better” facilities.

ffp - fresh frozen plasmaI was working a medical/surgical/ortho/tele floor and I was working day shift, which I hate. I normally work step down but a girl has to work!! One particular week myself and a night shifter had been passing the same set of patients back and forth when during report he tells me he gave a patient five units of FFP’s. This particular patient was scheduled for a broncoscopy at 9 am because of serious lung issues. Along with the lung issues were heart issues. I asked the nurse when he started the ffp he said something along the lines of ” after I got the order after four am labs.” At this point it’s 7:25 am and I asked “omg you gave them all at once? How much lasix did he get?” The nurse looked at me strangely and asked why he would have given him lasix.

Well, you know that feeling you get when your morning is about to go spiraling down the drain quickly?

I jumped up and went into the room to see the patient standing in the bathroom doorway grabbing on to door jams with both hands with a look of terror on his face as he says “what is wrong with me?” I am sure many of you guess what I assess in about 30 seconds as I rush over to him. I can hear audible crackles, without a stethoscope, he is very short of breath and pink foam is erupting from his mouth and nose. I get him back into bed and immediately call a rapid response. Within fifteen minutes I dropped a foley, pushed a hearty dose of lasix, started a drip and transferring him to ICU. Meanwhile the night shift nurse, who still had report to give me on two patients wrote out report and went home!

About The Author:

I have been a nurse since 2005. I have either traveled or worked local agency six of those years while also working staff at times. I currently live in Michigan with my other half and am raisin my two year old grandson. I started out in medical/surgical and worked my way up to step down. Hoping someday to get into ICU. I love micro managing my patients and knowing all the little details about them.

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