Was ‘Scrubbing In’ Cancelled?


    When MTV announced ‘Scrubbing In’ was coming to the airwaves, it certainly made some waves.

    show cancelledThere was outrage within the nursing community. Outrage was expressed from every sector and position; starting with the nursing student all the way to the President of the ANA. There was little support for this new reality show featured by MTV.

    Johnson & Johnson even received some backlash for it’s advertising during the show. Johnson & Johnson has long sought to fuse its image with the image of the nursing profession through the company’s Campaign for Nursing’s Future.

    Karen Daley, President of the ANA presented a letter to MTV’s president stating the ANA’s “disappointment at your depiction of nurses..

    Calls to get the show cancelled began by Change.org before the show ever even aired. TheTruthAboutNursing.org was a key player in the petitions.  It’s interesting to note, however that TheTruthAboutNursing supported the drama Series ‘Nurse Jackie’ which I personally refused to watch due to the glamorization of a drug addicted nurse. In my opinion, this is much worse than exposing the after hour exploits of the nurses on Scrubbing In.

    “The second season of Showtime’s Nurse Jackie continued to offer the most thoughtful and persuasive treatment of nursing issues on U.S. television. The season also featured more of emergency nurse Jackie Peyton’s drug abuse, adultery, and webs of deceit. However, as always, Jackie’s issues are not nursing stereotypes, but the troubles of one complex individual. Read more. ”

    The question now is: Was ‘Scrubbing In’ Cancelled?

    The Docu-series wasn’t cancelled but MTV responded to the outcry…

    1. Less prominent air time – Starting with the episode airing November 14, MTV promised to move the air time of Scrubbing In from 10 pm to midnight.

    2. Re-editing some episodes – Three of the six remaining episodes ofScrubbing In will be re-edited to include more clinical scenes featuring nursing skill.

    3.  “Day in the life of a nurse” MTV website feature – MTV now plans to do a “day in the life of a nurse” feature for its website that they will cross-promote to the 40 million people who follow their Facebook page.

    4. Blog post on nursing on MTV website – MTV would also like to feature a blog post on its website about what it takes to become a nurse.

    5. Ongoing consultation – MTV agreed that if they did more nursing programming, they would consult with The Truth About Nursing Click here to read the entire article and to see the five promises made by MTV’s executives.

    Have you watched the show?  What are your thoughts?  Does ‘Scrubbing In’ degrade the nursing profession?  Do you think it will help/hurt the future of nursing student enrollment? Has the series changed/altered the public perception of the nursing profession?


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    1. I used to believe that people were smart enough to be able to tell real life from docudramas, but now I’m not so sure.

      I truly believe that even though people realize that so much of these types of shows are based on sensationalism, the over-the-top stories become a part of people’s subconscious, and soon emerge as part of the collective consciousness surrounding these professions on some level.

    2. It may help promote some teenagers to go o nursing school but it would be because they’re in it for the money and thinking they could party all the time. The nursing profession already has enough young nurses coming out of nursing school who have no work ethic, no value for teamwork and very little compassion. And before anyone comments, I am a younger nurse in my mid twenties. I have been a nurse for five years. Although I fit into this age bracket, I am not that kind of young nurse. Also the show did not show much about nursing. It was more about what they didn after work so why even tie them into the nursing community? Most nurses I know are married and/or have children and those are not common after work activities for the women (and men) I have worked with.