Rules for the Travel Nurse

Rules for the Travel Nurse


I was recently in Memphis TN and sitting at breakfast reading the ‘menu’ at Blue Plate Cafe.  The menu reads like a newspaper and listed the following Rules of Life.  I found them fitting as rules for the Travel Nurse.

 via: Blue Plate Cafe Memphis TN

  1. Wake up. Show up. Pay Attention.
  2. Be happy and have fun! (Life is a trip – enjoy the journey.)
  3. Learn, master, and play by the Rules.
  4. Get an education. (Knowledge and Wisdom are the key.)
  5. Work hard. Work smart. Never quit. (Nothing good comes easy.)
  6. The “Circle Theory” is in effect. (Integrity. Never lie, cheat or steal, especially yourself.)
  7. Know your weaknesses and overcome them. (Power is when you ask for help and use it.)
  8. Learn a trade, skill or profession you love and master it.
  9. Deadly Sins: Pride, Envy, Anger, Sloth, Greed, Gluttony, Lust, Alcohol/Drugs, Doing wrong when you KNOW right.
  10. Don’t judge and Learn how to Forgive. (Surrender to win.)
  11. Never Sweat the Small Stuff. (Most of it IS small stuff.)
  12. Treat all with dignity and respect. (Especially yourself.)
  13. Acquire patience and serenity. (Learn to be still, be quiet, be at peace an meditate.)
  14. To thine own self be true.
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  1. Wow I needed to hear all of these things. I just started a job on a 13 week contract. I find myself counting the days till the end. Finding it hard to stay positive when I truly believe there is bullying going on. I wish I could get more information on work bullying and stop this before anyone has to go there and be put through all that I have.