Rapid Response Travel Nursing

Rapid Response Travel Nursing


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rapid response travel nursing

In order to understand what Rapid Response Travel Nursing is, let’s first look at the different types of Travel Nursing.

Most of what is discussed here at The Gypsy Nurse is Traditional Travel Nursing. Although most of the same steps are involved in the other types of Travel Nursing, these other types are somewhat different and require a little different preparation.

Types of Travel Nurses

  • Traditional travel nurses – Generally able to start in 4-8 weeks, contracted for a typical time-frame of 13 weeks.
  • Rapid response travel nurses – Able to start in 2 days to 2 weeks. Greater flexibility in assignment length, with shorter contracts available.
  • Strike-nurses – Typically for only a few days or weeks for the sole purpose of providing temporary relief staffing in times of labor disputes.

Why do Hospitals NEED Rapid Response Nurse Staffing?

  • EMR (Electronic Medical Records) Conversions
  • Remote or “hard-to-fill” positions
  • Unexpected acute fluctuation in staffing or patient loads.

What are the Benefits for the Travel Nurse in doing Rapid Response Nurse Staffing?

  • Work shorter assignments of 2-8 weeks – This can be a great ‘filler’ if you are looking for a contract that is shorter than the average 13 week contract.  Perhaps you had a contract cancelled and need something right away while you look for a longer contract?  Rapid Response travel nursing is a great way to fill in and make great pay for a shorter contract.
  • Greater Flexibility in Contract Length – Companies like Fastaff Travel Nursing provide the travel nurse with various possibilities in contract length ranging from short-term 2-4 week contracts to standard contract lengths of 13 weeks or longer.
  • Earn top pay rates – Depending on the severity of the need of the hospital, the Rapid Response Nurse can earn significantly more than the traditional travel nurse.  Because hospitals look to Rapid Response solutions when their needs are urgent, the increased bill rate hospitals pay is shared with the travel nurse in the form of above average pay. In addition, rapid response staffing agencies like Fastaff Travel Nursing, often negotiate for 48 guaranteed hour work weeks. Factoring in overtime, this can translate into a 50% to 70% increase in total pay over a traditional travel assignment.

What does the Staffing Agency need in a Rapid Response Nurse?

  • Ready to start quickly – In order to be available for these Rapid Response needs, the Travel Nurse will need to be organized and make certain that all their paperwork is up to date and readily available.  It’s a good idea to have everything on hand with a Rapid Response Nurse Staffing agency well ahead of time and even give the agency approval to submit prior to consulting with you.  (This is not something that I recommend with Traditional Travel Nursing).
  • Multiple state Licenses/Compact License – Being licensed in multiple states or licensed in a Compact State will be a huge benefit to the travel nurse.  The more active licenses you hold, the quicker you can be placed in a rapid response position.  This can be costly to maintain and I recommend that you do your research and find out where it’s best to be licensed.  It’s important to note that multiple state or compact licensure is not a requirement for Rapid Response travel nursing. Another important aspect to remember is that the time needed to obtain licensure varies widely depending on the state, it’s important to think ahead and work to obtain licenses in states that you are interested in working in.  States like NY can take up to 10 weeks or longer for licensing and often have rapid response needs. So, even though you may be a great fit for an assignment, if you can’t process your license before the scheduled start date, you can miss out on some great opportunities. Companies like Fastaff Travel Nursing will often cover your licensing costs and assist you in obtaining licensure for open positions.
  • Knowledgeable in multiple types of systems and platforms – Experience in multiple EMR systems is a huge benefit and will yield you great flexibility as well as availability in obtaining a Rapid Response position.
  • Experienced Nurse – Rapid Response Travel Nursing is generally utilized to fill an emergency need.  You will be expected to hit the ground running.  These positions are even more demanding than traditional travel nursing.  Rapid Response Staffing agencies are looking for confident and experienced nurses to fill these needs.  Most agencies will require a minimum of 2 years of recent acute care experience in your specialty.

What to look for in a Rapid Response Staffing Company.

  • Proven experience and history of Rapid Response Staffing
  • Joint Commission Certified
  • A company with good staff support in place.

How to get started as a Rapid Response Travel Nurse
Research agencies and sign up with an agency that specializes in Rapid Response Travel nursing like Fastaff Travel Nursing.  Fastaff is a subsidiary of Reliant Healthcare Professionals and has earned The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval.  Fastaff pioneered the concept of Rapid Response travel nursing to the healthcare industry in 1989. Fastaff currently has some great opportunities available. Search the current rapid response jobs available via Fastaff.

If you contract with one of the agencies advertised via The Gypsy Nurse, I would like to thank you with a $20 Gift Card.  In order to be eligible to claim your free gift-card, you must have signed a travel nurse contract with one of the Companies sponsored via The Gypsy Nurse and given The Gypsy Nurse as a referral to the travel nurse staffing agency.


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