Pet Cat Travel Advice?

Pet Cat Travel Advice?


cat travelIf you travel with a pet cat, you may want to check out these great recommendations.

Although I’m pretty certain that none of your cats are riding in an amphibious version of a DeLorean automobile, you still might find some interest in these cat-recommended locations.


Here are the pet cats’ top six choices:
Cat Island, Bahamas: Has an excellent vantage point from which your pet cat can keep an eye out for Bahamian curly-tailed lizards.

Ninety-Mile Beach, Australia: Humorously “known as kitty litter heaven”

Perdido Key, Florida: Home of the Perdido Key beach mouse

Pigeon Cove, Massachusetts: Pigeons?  We all know how much your pet cat loves Pigeons!

Catalina Island, California: The Sandbox might just be the perfect place to visit.

Cataract Falls, Indiana: Great for the cat that loves adventure.

Read more about why your pet cat would love these locations:

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