New England ~ Gypsy Thanksgiving Dinner

New England ~ Gypsy Thanksgiving Dinner


braceletsGreat things are happening in the Travel Nursing Community. In an effort to promote travel nurse socialization and support, The Gypsy Nurse Ambassador Program was born

As a part of the Gypsy Nurse Ambassador Program, we have organized events happening all over the country. The Gypsy Nurse Ambassadors work hard to bring you exciting and fun events as frequently as possible. In addition to meeting other Gypsy Nurses and having a Great time, you can earn your Gypsy Bracelet and Charm by attending an Ambassador sponsored event!


Food for a Gypsy Army!

New England~ Gypsy Thanksgiving Dinner

St Albans, VT

This event was organized by your Gypsy Ambassador Cheryl

Hosted By Cheryl Hurt and Lori Mercer in St Albans, Vermont

gypsy foodIntroductions and greetings,  We had 8 attendees and Honorary Gypsy ‘Gizmo’. Everyone brought a dish to share, we had food for a Gypsy Army.

Turkey, Cornbread sage and sausage stuffing, Mac’n’cheese, Potatoes, Noodles, Cranberries, Greenbean casserole, Pumpkin spice cupcakes, Sweet potato Pie/cool whip, Reeces creme pie, Wine/Strawberitas, coffee, pepsi and diet coke, 1456547_10152015347434411_1342786055_nDinner Rolls and Deviled eggs!

Grace was given by Timothy Hurt, Chris had carved our Turkey for his first time ever.

Ironically 4 of these Gypsies found out that they live within 90 minutes of each other in their home state of Ohio ! Some Gypsies had to leave early because the dedicated Nursing duty calls them to work. All leftover food went to the Night staff at ST Albans Healthcare where all but one Gypsy is on assignment at and the Staff Loved it ! Lori and Cheryl wound the night down with a great bottle of wine.

Cheryl had last minute delegated Lori’s first time as Ambassador in Training to explain How to earn the Gypsy beads and about website, Gypsies attending were excited to get their beads and to learn about them.

Your Ambassadors

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