Medical Charting Bloopers 5

Medical Charting Bloopers 5


Actual Charting Bloopers

nurse charting errors

  1. “When she fainted her eyes rolled around the room.”
  2. “Prior to surgery she was prepped and raped in the usual fashion.”
  3. “He’s rather sedentary and drives a bust all day.”
  4. “This chubby youngster needs a slim adult to look up to as a role model.”
  5. “Both her old and new noses have been placed in our album.”
  6. “I keep reassuring her that her memory will improve, but again today she forgot to pay her bill.”
  7. “I told her that for the time being she’ll have to bare with me.”
  8. “His prognosis was poor, having a massive cerebral hemorrhoid.”
  9. “He’s a ten month old male who called on the day of admission to complain that his asthma was worse and he still has left otitis media.”
  10. “Patient is to remain plastered for the next 6 to 8 weeks.”

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