Do you live in a ‘box’? A stepping out success story.

Do you live in a ‘box’? A stepping out success story.


live in a box

I know that I can’t be the only one that lives in a ‘box’.  What happens when a shy, timid travel nurse decides to re-invent?

Here is my Phoenix stepping out success story.

Looking back, Phoenix wasn’t one of my favorite contract locations.  I’m not a fan of the desert, and my vehicle got broken into several times during my contract in Phoenix.  None of this left me with a good view of Phoenix.

However, there were some great things to remember from Phoenix.  Phoenix is really where I began to step out of the ‘box’ that I lived in.  Being social is a skill that you would think I would already posses being a travel nurse.  Being social is definately something that I wasn’t comfortable with.  I was shy, quiet and unsure of myself.

Phoenix was nearly 2 years into my travel nurse career.  I was getting tired of being alone.  Lonliness is ultimately what helped me take that next step.  I was determined to re-invent myself.  Determined to be the social butterfly that most of my family back home thought I was (man, were they wrong).

My first night in Phoenix, I forced myself to go over to the local Irish Pub (right across the street), Rosie McCafferty’s.  Going in, I was a nervous wreck.  What were the people there going to think of me?  Am I wearing the ‘right’ thing?  Will I look like a ‘pig’ if I order dinner?  There were so many negative thoughts going through my head that I nearly turned back around and went home before I made it half-way across the street.

The reception at Rosie’s was relaxed and friendly.  I immediately met Mike, Marc and Gina when I walked up to the bar and ordered my first drink of the evening. We talked and visited over drinks and they shared with me their favorites in the area.   Any hesitations I had prior to arriving were quickly swept away from their friendliness.  Rosie’s became a mainstay during my time in Phoenix.  It was a very social place full of friendly people.

Within my first week in Phoenix I had decided to get involved with a local Meet-up group.  I attended multiple meet-ups and enjoyed each one.  From coffee shop poetry jams to a new love for contemporary art; the meet-up group became a wonderful resource for me.

I knew heading to Phoenix that there was a large population of travel nurses in the area.  I was able to connect with a few via the travel nurse forums on Delphi.  I couldn’t understand why there was such a large amount of travel nurses in the area and no way for us to all connect.  I set out on a mission and with the assistance of the agency that I was working for, we put together a very successful Meet & Greet.  There were nearly 30 travel nurses that attended and it was a riot.  The company had a giveaway and there was plenty of food, drinks and laughs shared.  I made some long time friends here.

Ultimately, I was able to break out of my ‘box’ and learned to enjoy the re-invented me.  From that point forward, I’ve been able to be a little more outgoing and always determined to become involved in the local area and enjoy not only the sights but the people.

What was your catalyst to stepping out?  Where you always social? What are your tips for maintaining a social life when on contract?

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      • Loved this post! I’m reserved and kind of an introvert until I get to know people, but putting myself out there to meet people in the first place is the hardest part! Glad I’m not the only traveler who has to push herself!

        • Jessica, thank you for the response. Yes…I still have to push myself every day!! I do have to admit, after 9 years it has gotten easier!

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