Let’s Connect !! – Contact The Gypsy Nurse

Let’s Connect !! – Contact The Gypsy Nurse


RequirementsI hope that you have enjoyed the content provided.  I created this site with you in mind, let’s connect! This site is dedicated to helping you….the nurse or nursing student become A Gypsy Nurse.  Do you have a Question?  Comment?  Would you like The Gypsy Nurse to come visit you? Interested in a personal consultation? Let us know how we can help you.

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Ask A Travel Nurse:
Active in the Travel Nursing industry for the past 14 years. Involved with the initial conception of the annual Travelers Conference (http://travelersconference.com) I am dedicated to providing a place for nurses interested in travel nursing to come to find all the answers and information needed to begin a successful career as a Travel Nurse. In addition, I am very active in bringing interested nurses together in real life through social media, and organizing and promoting events, meetings, conferences and many other activities for Travel Nurses and Travel Medical Professionals. Dedicated to providing the next generation of nurses a base of information on the career choice of Travel Nursing by providing Career Services speaking engagements to Nursing Colleges and Student Nursing Associations.


  1. Hello there Gypsy nurse! I’m a 30-something nursing student getting ready to take my boards (bsn) in about a month. I am also a single mom of the most icredible boy on this planet, a yogini, runner, an aspiring writer and a healer with an unrelenting passion for travel. You have an excellent resourse here and i am very excited to have stumbled upon it. Please tell me how your children reacted to the constant change in their social environment; this is a huge concern of mine. They had to change schools every 13 to 14 wees or so, correct? How did they adjust? And did you take them with you when you went on your sabbatical abroad?

    Thank you so much for your time!
    With gratitude,
    ~ Yevgeniya

  2. I am on a contract assignment in Virginia Beach. The housing sty- pen is killing me financially I need to find an inexpensive room. Wi Fi is most important. Refrigerator and microwave would be nice. Please help.