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IPI Travel exceeds where other travel nurse and rehab companies fall short! Our network of relationships with the top facilities in the country make us the #1 choice in the Travel Nurse, Allied, & Rehab industry.

IPI Travel has hundreds of great paying travel positions for RN’s and Rehab Specialists in all 50 states.
Great Benefits!

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Tracy Marks
Senior Staffing Specialist

Email: travel@ipitravel.com
Ph. 800-322-9796, Ext:0

My Experience:
I absolutely without a doubt love what I do. I have been a recruiter with IPI Travel for nearly 7 years now and still love it today as much as I did my first day. I get to speak to and interact with some amazing clinicians and in turn they become part of my extended family. No two days are ever the same and it definitely keeps me up on my mutli-tasking skills. I enjoy new adventures and challenges and I think that is why recruiting fits me so well.

My Hobbies:
When I am not at work I love spending time with my family, we are an active bunch and like the outdoors. In the summer we love to hike, go bicycling and have done some organized rides. Last year we did a 50 mile organized ride through the country in Hope, IN it was a blast. I also enjoy running and my daughter and I are about to embark on a half marathon in our city this September, we are looking forward to sharing this adventure together. I also enjoy photography, just ask my poor family, dogs and friends, as I use them often in my photos! I truly feel that every day is a gift and we should live life to the fullest!


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  1. I worked for IPI travel for one year, all at the same location. I started as a 13 week contract, and kept extending until I had been there a year. The housing was not great, to say the least. My initial recruiter left right after my 3rd extension. I have not traveled with them since.

    • Hi Tonya- I have been a recruiter with IPI a long time. I have been recruiting in travel nursing since the 1990’s. I am sorry that happened- poor housing, incorrect pay checks, poor service are always deal breakers and I realize that. I would love to have you give IPI a second chance. I think by now some time has passed, we have an excellent new housing coordinator Sheri and ALL SHE DOES IS HOUSING. I also help my nurses find places all the time. In the perfect world it’s best to get to a city, stay in a hotel or extended stay a week and speak to staff. Then on your first time off look at some places and then book them but most nurses don’t want to do that. They want a concrete place to land and that can sometimes be risky. You get there, the company has a lease and it’s not what you want for housing. Then everyone is stuck. If you ever want to give us another chance call me. 800-322-9796