Great Apps for the Travel Nurse

Great Apps for the Travel Nurse



apps for the travel nurseThere are so many ‘Travel’ apps out there but which apps are good for the Travel Nurse?  Read more to check out these great apps for the Travel Nurse.



This iOS app is essentially a “packing and to-do” list organizer, great for the Travel Nurse. There is a free version that lets you ‘try before you buy’, but this is limited to a single trip and 25 items. To access more functionality, it’s only  $1.99 via an in-app purchase.

TripList 13 of the best travel apps of 2012


The premise behind Tripomatic for iOS is pretty simple – you enter your destination, how long you plan to stay for and the app plots out attractions and things to do on a map. It can then be printed out, saved as a PDF or shared with friends on Facebook and Twitter.  This app offers a great way for you to organize the trip to the new Contract as well as keep family and friends in the loop.

Tripomatic 13 of the best travel apps of 2012


HotelTonight is very much aimed at the last-minute market, letting you book same-day hotel rooms starting at 12pm on the day for up to 70% less in more than 65 cities across North America and Europe. Perfect for booking a room when you don’t know in advance where you are going to stay.

HotelTonight 13 of the best travel apps of 2012


Springpad takes the notebook to the next level by adding further details to your entries automatically. It’s handy to create a checklist for a trip — when you add entries like hotels, restaurants or landmarks, the app will save contact information, reviews, maps and pictures. The data can be shared with your friends on Springpad and the saved data can also be accessed offline.


This popular app is a great companion for business travelers. Use Expensify to keep track of your purchases and transactions by syncing with your credit cards and bank accounts. The app also acts as a receipt scanner, taking advantage of your mobile phone’s camera. After your trip, you’re sent a PDF report of all your spending which you can submit to your company for reimbursement.

Expensify app


Are there other apps that you use to help organize, plan or enjoy being a Travel Nurse? Share them!

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