EMR Systems: From a Travel Nurse Perspective

EMR Systems: From a Travel Nurse Perspective


emr systemsThere are multiple platforms that are used for EMR’s.  As a travel nurse, you may be exposed to many different EMR systems.  Which EMR systems are user friendly?  Which ones are most liked by the Travel Nurse?

I asked this question of my readers and via several travel nursing forums and the responses that I received are broken down below:




  • “We have switched to MedHost/EDIS working in the ER. If the componets are all purchased by the facility it works GREAT touch screen and basically point and click usage!!! All info switches over to HMS for inpatient care and labs/radiology.”  T. J.


  • “..quite efficient to use in the ER. Minimal switching between screens and user friendly if all components are in place.”   T.J.


  • “….one of the most user friendly.”  I.J.
  • “easy to navigate, and you don’t lose info if you get called away from your charting.” C.A.
  • “Epic! Safer, streamlined, easy to navigate, and less chance to miss things. Love it. I work cardiac tele.” J.G.
  • ” Epic, hands down!! It is fast and sensible to find and chart stuff.” A.K.
  • “User friendly. Easy to learn.” I.J.
  • “Epic seems to be alittle more user friendly”  C.M.


  • “….one of the most user friendly.”  I.J.
  • “…I prefer Cerner” K.J.
  • “I love Cerner…takes some getting used to but sooo user-friendly!!” B.D.
  • “Working with Cerner right now, grrrrr hate it! It takes me like 5 clicks just to open a progress note.”  A.K.
  • “User friendly. Easy to learn.” I.J.


  • “…highly dislike CPSI” J.M.


  • “Windows based meditech is okay, DOS based meditech S**Ks” C.A.
  • “I would avoid a hospital…(with Meditech) ” B.D.
  • “We had that system at my local hospital for years… Hated it!” C.A.

It would seem that there is certainly some controversy in which is the best system.  What are your thoughts?  Post in the comments below.


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  1. EPIC is the most user friendly, but it also depends on which EPIC you are using as I have seen a few. Some don’t know that the institution buying EPIC can also buy the rights to edit it and then you will see a different version. You can easily copy and paste in EPIC, but this has it benefits and downfalls. Make certain you are charting what you assessed at the time instead of somebody elses assessment. It’s almost easier to just chart than copy/paste/read to make certain all applys to your time. Cerner has gotten better and easier with recent updates. It is less repetative than EPIC. I actually like Cerner better than EPIC now.