Do you have a question for The Gypsy Nurse?

Do you have a question for The Gypsy Nurse?


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Ask A Travel Nurse: Travel Company?
Active in the Travel Nursing industry for the past 14 years. Involved with the initial conception of the annual Travelers Conference ( I am dedicated to providing a place for nurses interested in travel nursing to come to find all the answers and information needed to begin a successful career as a Travel Nurse. In addition, I am very active in bringing interested nurses together in real life through social media, and organizing and promoting events, meetings, conferences and many other activities for Travel Nurses and Travel Medical Professionals. Dedicated to providing the next generation of nurses a base of information on the career choice of Travel Nursing by providing Career Services speaking engagements to Nursing Colleges and Student Nursing Associations.


  1. I recently was informed that the agency I was signing up for sends your full Social Number and DOB to facilities as part of your profile. I was shocked to hear that type of sensitive personal identifying information is so freely released. I have since halted further sign up with them. I understand my Employer the Travel Company requires that but releasing that info to its Clients is not appropriate. For government jobs yes but not for private entities. Your thoughts

  2. I am a traveling resident volunteer at state parks, and I would like a relationship with a travel nurse. Is there a travel nurse dating website?

  3. I have a question for anyone who has travelled to/ work in California, Montana, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington. These states have legalized Physician-Assisted suicide. Has any of you faced any challenges with this issue? And how does this affect nurses whose home state has not legalized this? Thanks you.