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Do you have a question for The Gypsy Nurse?


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  1. I recently was informed that the agency I was signing up for sends your full Social Number and DOB to facilities as part of your profile. I was shocked to hear that type of sensitive personal identifying information is so freely released. I have since halted further sign up with them. I understand my Employer the Travel Company requires that but releasing that info to its Clients is not appropriate. For government jobs yes but not for private entities. Your thoughts

  2. I am a traveling resident volunteer at state parks, and I would like a relationship with a travel nurse. Is there a travel nurse dating website?

  3. I have a question for anyone who has travelled to/ work in California, Montana, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington. These states have legalized Physician-Assisted suicide. Has any of you faced any challenges with this issue? And how does this affect nurses whose home state has not legalized this? Thanks you.

  4. What if the facility doesn’t live up to contract? I’m new to travel nursing, this is my 5th week on my 1st assignment. I was offered a position for 3 days a weeks, day shift, block scheduling as I have a husband and 4 yr old so I can drive home for off days (4 to 5 hours away).it’s been a mess from the beginning from like 30 tenet courses that were supposed to be done before I arrived that I knew nothing about ,never received (they were sending to nonexistent address , I got maybe 4 or 5 hours total on 1st day about computer system ( which is used at highest program capacity I’ve seen in emr, but this is cernercitrix, I’m used to mckesson), followed a very scattered nurse 1 day and she was running around crazy, I ended up helping on nursing stuff and not shown much as far as computer, protocols, facility rules etc. So all that has been difficult but doable (even though I received 1st admit on 1st night, not knowing the system and no help and btw I generally am getting the 1st and sometimes only admit of the night almost every time I work and still haven’t been shown anything, have had to teach myself and ask questions, like I said difficult but not a the big problem is that on the 1st week when I showed up to “orientate”, I went to get my schedule from my supervisor and she’s like “so you were hired for nights , right” I said ” no, days and that I would check but I was pretty sure my contract specifically stated days as that I have worked nights in the past and that I do not do well at all switching my body back and forth, especially with 4yr, family (and meds I’m prescribed to take consistently every night same time). She stated ok, but we just had some night shift people quit so can you work nights for 3 weeks to help get past all that and then she would have me on days. Last week was my 3rd week on nights and I’ve seen the schedule which had me down for an additional month on nights, part to all of every weekend (had been told 1 or 2 weekends a month). I haven’t said anything to her (the supervisor), I mean she was pretty aware of situation. Being a 13 week contract , I don’t see her putting me on days for my last 5 weeks. I’ve also had problems getting her to fill out and fax my timesheet to my agency, I leave it with hours and my portion filled out in her box every weekend when I’m leaving, she eventually does it but ever week I get an email from payroll and have to send them a copy of the form I keep for myself.a week and a half ago I sent a msg to my recruiter in tears bc night shift is killing me (I drive 4 to 5 hours straight to work on my 1st night, check into hotel when I get off , then have about enough time for 45 to hour nap on my third morning before I have to pack, check out and drive home.its exhausting me, I don’t get to talk with daughter and husband much because I’m at work when they can talk, my recruiter said he was going to have his manager reach out to them and that he was really pissed off. A week and a half and I haven’t heard anything out of my supervisor or recruiter. I’m not sure how it works traveling but have also been curious are they paying dayshift, weekdays rates for me to be working nights and part to all of every weekend. TO add insult to injury, I met another “traveler/agency ” person from closer to that area the other day that was on her 3rd day of day shifts on the floor where I’m continuing to be scheduled on nights. I don’t know if it’s because I don’t like confrontation and not good at being aggressive so they figure they can just keep scheduling me like this or not….and it costs more for me to get a hotel on weekends as well. I don’t know what to do, I figure if I push it to far I just won’t have a job. I don’t know about traveling after this experience, I mean why do you sign contracts if they mean nothing apparently? How so I believe the next person? Is there a way to deal with it without losing the assignment (ie income) in the process? I need advice, I’m a newbie traveler and I just don’t it always like this? I’m also so depressed over this night thing and being faced with the fact that I have to deal with working them until the end of year. I have told them (supervisor and recruiter) that I would not have taken the assignment if it had been to work night shift.