Travel Nurse Destination Report: New Orleans, LA

Travel Nurse Destination Report: New Orleans, LA


travel nurse destinationNew Orleans was a unique travel experience for me as I didn’t contract with one specific hospital.  Instead, I worked as a local per diem nurse.  I worked in three separate hospitals during my time in New Orleans.

Ochsner Medical Center; West Bank Campus

  • 2500 Belle Chasse Hwy, Gretna LA :: (504) 392-3131
  • 199-bed general medical and surgical acute care facility
  • Medical/Surgical Inpatient floor
  • CNA, Secretary
  • Parking available and Free
  • Staff acceptance of Traveler: Very Good
  • Would you return? Yes
  • Rant:  Facility was still on paper charting when I was there (2009).  Probably computerized now.
  • Rave: Although patient ratio’s were high, the staff was supportive which made the workload manageable.

Tulane University Hospital and Clinic

  • 1415 Tulane Avenue, New Orleans, Louisiana, LA :: (504) 988-5800
  • 235 Bed University Affiliated Teaching Facility
  • Medical/Surgical/Telemetry floor
  • CNA, Secretary
  • Parking available and Free for Employees
  • Staff acceptance of Traveler: Extremely Poor
  • Would you return? NO
  • Rant:  Staff was very non-supportive to both full-time staff and travelers, floor management was disorganized and unavailable, supplies not readily available.  Patients were primarily low-income population and highly acute. Mix of paper and computerized charting systems.
  • Rave: The only positive for me was the other travelers on the unit.  We (travelers) attempted to help/support each other to best of our ability.

East Jefferson General Hospital

  • 4200 Houma Blvd., Metairie LA :: (504) 454-4000
  • 250 Bed Magnet Certified Facility
  • General Medical/Surgical Floor
  • Unit Manager, CNA, Secretary
  • Parking available and Free for Employees
  • Staff acceptance of Traveler: Fair
  • Would you return? Yes
  • Rant:  Staff was helpful although not overly inclusive of temporary staff.
  • Rave: Fully functional/integrated computerized charting system. Well organized/staffed.


  • Private rental via classified.  On St Charles Ave (Street Car Line)
  • Cost: Off-season was within stipend allowance.  Potentially more difficult during Mardi Gras or other festival seasons.
  • Pet-Friendly was difficult to accommodate
  • Street parking easily accessible
  • Drive time to work aprox 10 minutes or less
  • Street car was still inoperable due to Hurricane Katrina at time of contract.  Operating now with fair access to public bus system as well as frequent taxi services.
  • Safety was never a concern.
  • Convenience: Most necessities were within short walk.  Major shopping centers within 10 min drive.

My Neighborhood Recommendations
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What I Liked Most
I love New Orleans.  It’s a beautiful city with tons of history, fabulous food, friendly locals and a unique culture.  I love the fact that as a night shift worker, there was always something to see and do no matter what time of day or night.

What I liked Least
I can’t really think of anything that I don’t like about New Orleans except maybe the traffic and navigation.  Most of the drivers in New Orleans do not know what a speed limit is or if they do; they don’t care.  The layout of the city is very confusing and it’s easy to get turned around/lost.  I would recommend GPS at all times!

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