Cape Cod Mass Gypsy Meet ‘n Greet

Cape Cod Mass Gypsy Meet ‘n Greet


Great things are happening in the Travel Nursing Community. In an effort to promote travel nurse socialization and support, The Gypsy Nurse Ambassador Program was born

As a part of the Gypsy Nurse Ambassador Program, we have organized events happening all over the country. The Gypsy Nurse Ambassadors work hard to bring you exciting and fun events as frequently as possible. In addition to meeting other Gypsy Nurses and having a Great time, you can earn your Gypsy Bracelet and Charm by attending an Ambassador sponsored event!

CapeCod Mass Gypsy meet n greet

Hyannis, MA

This event was organized by your Gypsy Ambassador Cheryl

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The Cape was the setting for 6 gypsies and 2 spouses who met up at Traders Eds in Hyannis port on a Saturday evening. Introductions, charms and bracelets were explained and handed out. We had fabulous conversations about ourselves and travel nursing. We had some laughs during a great Dinner. Took a few Photos.

The Gypsy Nurse provided a drawing for a $25 ITunes Gift Card!  Lori’s name was drawn by the waitress; who couldn’t find any business cards for this restaurant/bar! LOL It was Hot and the sun was shining.

We parted ways for the evening and then 6 of us met up early the Next Morning and headed over to the Island of Martha’s Vineyard on the Ferry. We had lunch and took a fun 2.5 hour tour of the Island, heard all about the Kennedys and the Obamas vacations there, and how the island got its name. We spent 30 minutes At Gay cliffs and Lighthouse, most of us got ice-cream here lol. It cost 50 Cents to use the potty!! The driver was told to “watch out for the 6 nurses traveling thru lol and that we were trouble but fun lol.” The weather was the best it could be for the entire weekend.

A Good time was had by all.
Your Ambassadors

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  1. We had such a blast! So glad you got this organized! And I’m putting that prize to good use! Can’t wait to go to more Meet & Greets in the future!! 🙂