Ask A Travel Nurse: Continue MICU training or Start Now?

Ask A Travel Nurse: Continue MICU training or Start Now?


Gypsy, I love your website!  I’m eagerly anticipating the day I become a traveler.  I recently started working in the MICU (7 months) and have put traveling on hold, but I’m beginning to think I may drop the ICU gig and travel. What is your specialty? I have people tell me all the time that ICU and ER are the most in demand traveling jobs. My previous specialty was Med/Surg/Tele. What do you think of me putting traveling on hold and continuing my MICU training? Thanks!  Nurse T


Nurse T,

If I were in your shoes, I would continue the MICU training.  You state that you already have 7 months in MICU.  Do you have previous nursing experience?  Most travel companies will require at least one year in your specialty.  From what I understand, you are nearly there with the MICU.  If you have other nursing experience prior to MICU, then all the better for you.  If however, you are a brand new RN, I would recommend that you obtain a full two years of experience prior to traveling.

Intensive care positions have historically been in high demand and your ability to find a position (with potentially better pay), is more open as a specialty nurse.

I work general Medical/Surgical.  I have worked Ortho, Neuro, Nephrology, Oncology, LTAC, Respiratory and various ‘specialty’ med/surg units.

(Disclaimer:  Please note that this is the Authors opinion only.  I do not provide career counseling, legal or medical consults.  If you require any of these, please search out the appropriate resources)

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