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Ask A Travel Nurse:


ask a travel nurseDo you have an interest in travel nursing and have a specific question?  Are you already a travel nurse looking for advice on something?  Ask here and I’ll try my best to provide you with answers.

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  1. Are you a travel nurse staffing company?? I have done travel for 25 yrs. Am looking for next assignment. I have staffed for “Fastaff” & “Onassignment”-now known as “Medical Staffing”. I just finished assignment with them 3 weeks ago in Idabel,Oklahoma. Would like to stay in Oklahoma this winter – to stay close to my dad,who we just moved to assisted living. Thanks in advance …………….. Roni Curry,RN

  2. I am looking at travel nursing with my husband. We do not have children at this time. However, if I was to get pregnant, I cannot find any resources on how that would play out. Most of the time there is 6-8 weeks off after birth and that is if the mother can work all 9 months. I know FMLA requires up to 3months of time, but how does that work with agencies? I don’t want to get stuck, fired, without insurance and a place to live…Do you know what the options are?

    • I asked this question of our FB group and here are some of the responses that I got:

      Monica H. “I believe I would carry my own insurance.”

      Jenny L. “You would need to plan your assignments around your due date. As for insurance, there is always the option of cobra if you opt for insurance through an agency, or get your own insurance, which is what I would recommend. Hope that helps.”

      Kim S.: “I would save enough money to stay home for as long as I wanted and get my own insurance..done
      Your not obligated to work when your not on contract”

      Tina W “Work all you can, save A LOT of money, carry your own insurance, Have atleast a year of rent put aside (along with A LOT of savings) then plan for your sweet baby:-) Preparation is the Key”

      Bridget A “If you’re on a 13 week assignment and you find out you’re pregnant, you should have plenty of time to finish before assignment is up. Had a friend on a previous assignment who did just that. She went home after assignment and got house ready for baby. She just delivered a month ago.”

      Stefanie C. “Carry your own insurance that covers pregnancy! I learned the hard way. Worked all 9 months but had to get my own insurance 2 weeks before delivery. The hospital and my agency were great about allowing me to extend my contract an extra three weeks at my request at the end of the 3rd extension they had requested.”

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