Ask A Travel Nurse: Home Schooling vs Public School

Ask A Travel Nurse: Home Schooling vs Public School



Hi! I’m considering going into travel nursing but have a couple things I’m figuring out to see if this would be the best fit.

I am traveling with my family – I am wondering how common or if it is workable to do traditional school vs home schooling? We would like to plan on assignments based on the school year and in locations where multiple hospitals are within driving/public transit commutes so the kids can have the majority of their schooling in one place and I am able to be flexible with assignments.

Thanks for reading this whole message and can’t wait to hear back!!  Sherrie

Many of the travelers I know that travel with children do home-schooling.  I don’t know if any of them enroll their children in the public school system or not.  I would caution you on enrolling a child in school due to your tax-home status.

According to Joseph Smith at TravelTax

The travel nurse would still be “governed under the one year rule that affects the tax residence. Additionally, there could be some conflicts that arise with the school district if you are not officially a resident of the jurisdiction. This is why homeschooling is more common with travelers.”

I hope that this helps at least a little bit.  I would encourage you to the Travel Nurse Network – The Gypsy Nurse.  Lots of travel nurses there to help answer your questions and lend guidance along the way!!


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  1. Sherrie,
    I homeschool my children and it is a online program. Through my public school system @home. Join the caravan and pm me anytime. I have even helped my non traveling friends get started in homeschool and they love it.. 🙂