2014 Gypsy Florence Nightingale Award

2014 Gypsy Florence Nightingale Award

The 2014 Gypsy Florence Nightingale Contest is being sponsored by: Atlas MedStaff.

In Recognition of Nurses Week, The Gypsy Nurse provided it’s readers and members of the Travel Nurse Network an opportunity to shine a spotlight on a travel nurse that has made a difference or encouraged someone to aspire to be a “Gypsy Florence Nightingale”. Someone that they felt embodied the three core values of The Gypsy Nurse: Collaboration, Camaraderie, and Community.

Please Join us in celebrating and congratulating Our 2014 Gypsy Florence Nightingale Winner!!

Debra Christensen, LPN
2014 Gypsy Florence Nightingale Award Recipient

Debra Christensen, LPN

 One of Debra’s submissions was anonymous and really stood out to The Gypsy Nurse Staff.  The person submitting Debra submitted the following:

 “Deb is very bright, very professional and her demeanor of compassion is extraordinary and her compassion shows in her patients that she is caring for anytime, day or night. Deb has taught me a thing or 2- like patience and I have 3 times the experience that she does. Deb has been a Nurse for 5 years and has been traveling for 3 years. She did many things for her Patients but one that really stands out to me is that She used her own money to buy a patient CD’s of his favorite artist during his last days on this earth and that proved to be calming for him and the family; she is very passionate about making a difference in someone’s life. Deb is a military Veteran and served 8 years in the Navy. She is an Army wife and has supported her husband’s, Nephews and her sons tours to Iraq and Afghanistan. In Nursing school, she worked full time as a CNA and she took care of a teenager while her Husband, Justin, was deployed to Iraq. While I was on assignment with Deb, she had Traveled 6 hours from Northern Vermont to New Jersey every other weekend to take care of her uncle and aunt with MS and cancer for 6 months. She is my true inspiration and a Gypsy Nurse Florence Nightingale at heart. All staff, patients and families just loved her and her compassion for others. When Deb took another travel position in Colorado, staff, patients and families were sad. Deb is the kind of Nurse that I would love to have take care me and my family, anytime.”

We also reached out to Debra’s most recent staffing agency, CoreMedical, and were told the following:
 “The team at CoreMedical Group isn’t surprised that Deb Christensen has been nominated for the Gypsy Nurse Florence Nightingale award! Deb has traveled with CoreMedical since 2012 and is known for consistently being an outstanding nurse. She is very reliable, personable and knowledgeable. Our clients have offered her multiple extensions because she can be counted on to do a superior job at all times. In addition, many of Deb’s coworkers and superiors have told us how Deb became an important member of their team and how she is a very compassionate nurse who possesses exceptional skills.

The CoreMedical team had the privilege of meeting Deb on our annual Club CoreMed trip to the Caribbean. She is even more amazing in person! Deb has proven to be a very caring nurse and great person who is very worthy of the Gypsy Nurse Florence Nightingale award.”  Lisa Charland, Marketing Specialist at CoreMedical Group

Debra and a guest will receive FREE ADMISSION to the 2014 Travelers Conference, courtesy of TheGypsyNurse.com, in Las Vegas, NV September 23-24, 2014. As winner of the ‘Gypsy Florence Nightingale Award, Debra will receive prizes valued at over $600!

Please join us for The 2014 Gypsy Nurse Luncheon Sunday September 21, 2013 in Las Vegas(pre-conference) where we will recognize Debra Christensen, LPN and present her award.

Thank you to all those that submitted entries for The Gypsy Florence Nightingale.  Join me in congratulating Debra for being an inspiration and wonderful example of a Gypsy Nurse.

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  1. It is true that “In Nursing school, she worked full time as a CNA and she took care of a teenager while her Husband, Justin, was deployed to Iraq.” But what most people don’t know is that she also helped me, her sister, during that time. My husband, Leonard had the worst case of pancreatitis the doctor had ever seen. Debbie actually sat by his side in the hospital for a week so I could be at home with our children. She studied for her exams while caring for him. I Knew she would be a terrific nurse because she is a great sister.

  2. Congratulations Debbie, I may be your baby sister but I’ve been an RN for 19 years. I have always been proud of you and looked up to you as my older sister. I remember you started in boces studying nursing assistant prior to enlisting in the US Navy. When you joined their motto was “It’s not just a job it’s an adventure. ” I think you have lived by that all your life. Proud Army wife and supporter by sending enough care packages to share, and including homemade cookies. She never does anything half butt. She always goes all in. She will always get the job done and goes the extra mile. She always puts her personal “midas” touch on things. She loves her 3 children and husband Justin. I can not think of a more deserving recipient of such a prestigious award. God Bless You and I Wish You Continued Success & Happiness. #proudfamily