2013 Travelers Conference Gypsy Nurse Welcome Reception

2013 Travelers Conference Gypsy Nurse Welcome Reception


Gypsy Nurse Ambassadors TeamGreat things are happening in the Travel Nursing Community. In an effort to promote travel nurse socialization and support, The Gypsy Nurse Ambassador Program was born

As a part of the Gypsy Nurse Ambassador Program, we have organized events happening all over the country. The Gypsy Nurse Ambassadors work hard to bring you exciting and fun events as frequently as possible. In addition to meeting other Gypsy Nurses and having a Great time, you can earn your Gypsy Bracelet and Charm by attending an Ambassador sponsored event!

2013 Travelers Conference Gypsy Nurse Welcome Reception

Flamingo Hotel Las Vegas, NV

This event was organized by your Gypsy Ambassador The Gypsy Nurse Ambassador Team

The 2013 Gypsy Nurse Welcome Reception was a great success!

There were a final total of 118 Gypsy’s registered at the event.

Although I think some additional may have snuck in after we closed registration!

This was a great opportunity to meet many of the Caravan members that we’ve chatted with over the past 7 months.  I am thankful to have been able to meet so many of you in such a relaxed atmosphere.  A few of you cut loose, danced and in general had a great time.

Sponsor Ad-Reception-Final

Thank you to all of our sponsors that helped make this event such a success: 

  • Trinity Healthcare – Gave away (2) $50 Gas Cards!
  • Aya Healthcare – Provided 100 FREE Drinks (via tickets) to Attendees!
  • Medical Staffing Solutions LLC – Gave away some Great Travel Nurse T-Shirts!
  • IPI Travel
  • Fastaff

“Friends of…”

  • Triage Staffing
  • TotalMed Staffing
  • TaleMed

We raffled off 5 Gift Packages (put together by thegypsynurse.com) to help raise funds to cover some of the expenses of the event as well as a 50/50 raffle that continued through the entire conference. Congrats to the winners of these raffles!  The Sponsors gave away some great prizes as well!


Your Gypsy Nurse Organizational Team

The Infamous Flamingo!

Food, Dancing and Fun!

Thank you again to everyone that came out to Las Vegas early to join in on the fun!  We hope to see you in 2014….

Your Ambassadors

Want to know what the Gypsy Nurse Ambassadors are planning?  Check the Calendar for upcoming events near you!!  If you have an Ambassador in your area, get in touch with them and suggest an event!


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